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Friday, Episode 16

Three weeks up! almost a month done and over with

two boys discuss how enjoying playing with just the box of a toy is funner depending on price of toy bought. Fun sized, comics

Episode 16

Episode 15

This is yet another shopping.. grocery store related comic, and if anybody was wondering I used to work in a little grocery store for about 5 years so for some reason my best ideas happen to take place there.  I will try to relocate to some more interesting venues in the future I promise.

grocery store woman gives baby toys and things to get him to be quiet which fill up the cart

Episode 15

Episode 14

women in factory discuss sewing on animal faces and fruit to childrens clothes to sell in america

Episode 14

And the clothes with ought the animal faces?  three times as much..

True Milk poster

As a huge fan of  HBO’s True Blood I had to throw out a parody poster.  I guess the gist is.. formula is the “tru blood” drink  and breast milk is real blood.. makes sense because Formula tastes like crap yes Ive tried it, and so does the fictional drink in the show… apparently..  ok  watch True Blood or that will all sound weird.

True Milk true blood parody babies vampires HBO television show

Episode 13

Zombie t virus infects deprived children they are all atacking girl with ice cream fun sized comic cartoon

Episode 13

Happy monday, Episode # 12

Another week starts now, enjoy!

mom and son in store looking at a toy and possible accessory family tree

Episode 12

#11 Edition of Fun Sized

Next landmark is 50 episodes, hold your breath!  for 39 days..       Thanks to all Fun Sized die hard fans, and keep reading!

Mom and dad in bed cant get sleep baby is kicking and hitting then over the rails fun sized

Episode 10 Diamond platinum Edition

Made it to 10 episodes, almost done with two weeks!

shoppers in store with kids hear on intercom whiny

Episode 10

Episode 9

Eventually I’m going to standardize the time I post these, but until then Its going to be sporadic!  Enjoy #9!

Two friends talk parenting dad says he has to choose favorite daughter fun sized

Episode 9